“Where’s my Mummy?” Cooking, Crafts, and Comprehension

Where’s my Mummy?

“Where’s my Mummy” by Carolyn Crimi is one of my favorite Halloween books to read to kindergarten students. In this book, Mummy is playing a game of ‘hide and shriek’ with his mom when he gets lost. Kindergarten students love the adventure he takes and friends he meets while looking for her. To make this book more memorable and meaningful, use some of these ideas for cooking, crafts, and comprehension!

Mummy Cookies

These mummy cookies are adorable, EASY, and fun! (notice the emphasis on EASY)

You will need sugar or oatmeal cookies (I used Little Debbie oatmeal cookies), cookies icing, candy eyes (or chocolate chips), and red vines.

The first step is to create the mummy wrapping with the cookie icing. If you can’t find cookie icing, you can spoon icing into a plastic bag and cut the corner.

Next place candy eyes or chocolate chips on the cookie.

Last add the candy vine to make a mouth!

That’s it! SUCH a cute cooking activity!

‘Where’s my Mummy?’ Writing Craft

This printable mummy writing craft is TOO CUTE! It is a perfect way to bring higher level thinking and writing to this delightful read aloud! I make an anchor chart making a list of things that students say scare them. Students then use that to help them write out their responses. A great closing is to talk about ways to cope with fear and how to talk about it. Remind students that in the book, Mummy’s mom helped relieve his fears before bed.

‘Where’s my Mummy?’ Comprehension Activities

These comprehension printables are perfect for teaching and expanding on this story. I teach ‘Story Elements’ and ‘Re-Telling’ with this story.

Make an anchor chart or use a pocket chart with the story elements header. Add the story elements cards. Pass out the pictures and have student place them on the chart.

Re-telling cards can be sorted by beginning middle and end, or linked using linking chains in the order of the story. This makes a great center activity also!

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