Leprechaun Directed Drawing for St. Patrick’s Day

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Are you looking for a directed drawing activity for March? This little leprechaun is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. I love to use directed drawing in my classroom.

Why Use Directed Drawing?

Directed drawing activities help develop visual/special skills, improve concentration, and help students learn to follow directions.

Download the drawing paper and printable directions for this activity by clicking on the image here!

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  1. Draw a large “U” shape in the middle of the page. It should start and end in the middle of the page.
  2. Add legs and a rim to the pot.
  3. Above the middle of the rim draw a small circle. Add the two sides of a bow tie.
  4. Make a wavy “U” shape coming up from the bow tie. This will be the leprechauns beard.
  5. Add elf ears to the leprechaun.
  6. Start the hat by drawing a slightly curved line above the beard and ears turn this into an oval
  7. Draw a hat above the brim and add a ribbon across.
  8. Draw a “U” inside of the beard for the leprechauns face.
  9. Add arms to each side by drawing rectangles.
  10. Make cuffs by drawing small thing rectangles next to the arms.
  11. Draw hands with 5 fingers on each arm. Make the first and last finger shorter.
  12. Draw a semi circle for the nose.
  13. Draw two round eyes.
  14. Draw small thin ovals above the eyes to make the leprechaun’s eyebrows.
  15. Add a half smile with a line.
  16. Decorate by drawing a rainbow, ground, and some four leaf clovers. Then COLOR!

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