Halloween Vampire Directed Drawing

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Picture1I love doing directed drawings, especially for the holidays. This Halloween directed drawing vampire is adorable! Not only is it super cute, directed drawing has so many classroom benefits!

The Benefits of Directed Drawing:

Directed drawing is more than just drawing and coloring. When you class takes part in this Halloween directed drawing activity, they are learning to do so many things.

They are learning to pay attention. Since drawing is an enjoyable activity, it encourages them to slow down, pay attention, and develop longer attention spans. They have to carefully watch, listen, and repeat directions.

They are learning special reasoning skills. These skills become important later on when you begin to do geometry in math. Students also need to use positional words in context.

Students learn shapes, letters, and more! I always use shapes and letters to describe the drawing strokes that I make. What more fun way to practice than to embed print knowledge in drawing!

THEY LEARN TO LOVE SCHOOL! Every year, directed drawing is one of my class’ FAVORITE things to do. It is so important that students engage in activities that create intrinsic positive emotions towards school and learning!

MISSING THE ARTS – If your school district is like ours, the arts are getting cut at a quick pace. Creativity is a part of the WHOLE CHILD. Directed drawing is a great way to embed the arts into the regular classroom.

NOW ONTO THE Halloween Directed Drawing DIRECTIONS!

You can follow these directions directly from this blog post – OR – you can download them FREE with the fun “Happy Halloween” border paper below!

Slide4 Slide5

The finished drawing should look similar to this.


To Download the Halloween Directed Drawing for FREE Click below.

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