Fall Handprint Craft

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This Fall Handprint Craft is easy, fun, and helps build fine motor skills! It is so easy to make and ADORABLE! The directions for this fun fall handprint craft are easy enough for preschoolers to follow however, this craft is adorable and appropriate for students up to second grade. This would make a beautiful hallway display for Fall! To supercharge the academic benefit of this activity, have students place a certain amount of each color leaves on the project or write about playing in fall leaves to go along with it. Not only will students LOVE making this, it is a sweet keepsake for parents once you send it home!

A Handful of FALL FUN Directions

  • Gather Supplies: Yellow Construction Paper, Brown Construction Paper, Orange – Red – Yellow – Brown – Green Colored Tissue Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Glue.
  • Print out the FREE template by clicking on the image above.
  • Trace the child’s hand and arm onto brown paper. Have them cut this out and glue that to the free template.
  • Have children tear small pieces of tissue paper and crumble the tissue paper to resemble leaves by gluing them on the fingers/branches of the tree and underneath. (GREAT FOR FINE MOTOR!)
  • Glue sponges or a plate with a small amount of glue for dipping work best for this activity.
  • Optional: Take a photo of each child and print them as a 4×6. Cut around each picture as close to the child’s body as you can and glue them standing under the tree. Have them pose as if they were playing with fall leaves. (I printed mine straight from my home printer)

Some ideas for writing:

  • Write about what they see outside in the Fall
  • Write about raking up/playing in Fall leaves with your family
  • Write about what you experience with your five senses on Fall days


Fall Fun 2