Any other “listers” out there?

When the start of the school year is looming, I lose sleep making lists of my head of things to make, do, plan, teach, model, etc. etc.

I am a highly reflective person, so I’m always thinking about how I can make my next year of teaching my best year of teaching.

What kinds of things do you have on your list?

  • sing more in the classroom
  • read more read alouds
  • give more hugs
  • remember to go slowly at the beginning of the year teaching rituals and routines (it’s ALWAYS worth it in the end if you TAKE YOUR TIME)
  • don’t sweat the small stuff
  • pray for my class more
  • eat less chocolate (ya feel me?)
  • assess less – guided reading more (in a dream world)
  • stay organized
  • collaborate more
  • stay positive
  • get to know each and every student/have something to talk about with each of them every day (I love this part!)
  • be silly!
  • keep practicing engagement strategies in the classroom (my favorite way to teach)

-Caffeine and Kindergarten “Teach your Heart Out!”

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