A Heartfelt Open Letter to the TEACHERMOM

Hey mom! It’s been so nice hasn’t it? To be home these past two months: enjoying poolside play dates with your babies, trips to the park, a day-trip or two, maybe even a vacation. Those sweet morning snuggles, pajama cuddles on the couch, breakfast at say… 10:00. You may have even gotten to finish an entire cup of coffee while it was still hot! (OK I don’t know who I’m kidding with that one…)

It’s hard. It’s hard to go back to work. The opportunity to get that time at home in the summer with your little ones is definitely one to be CHERISHED.

The truth behind the matter is (if your like me) when the school year looms around the corner, you already start staying up well past midnight planning, and creating, and hole punching, and cutting. You’ve already spent your first paycheck on welcome to school gifts, birthday presents, classroom supplies, and laminating.

You know what’s coming – and sometimes – it’s hard.

But then, then – the best day happens… you meet them! You meet your new class! Your new bundle of little ones who will spend every weekday with you for the next ten months. And you will love them, you will learn their voices and know who is talking when your back is turned, you will know which ones hate skittles and prefer M&M’s, you will know which ones haven’t lost a tooth yet, you will celebrate when they do lose their first tooth! You will wish them happy birthdays and happy holidays. You will hug them when they are tired, sick, sad, and miss their mommies (just like you will miss your children). And at the end of the year, you will probably cry – because you have grown to love each one of them so much.

And ABOUT YOUR KIDS – I understand the working mom guilt. I do. I get it every July, every Sunday night, and every time a holiday is over. But I know this – my children see me work. They know that I went to college to become a professional woman. They know that I went to college to get a job that I wanted and love. They know that when I am at work, I am spending my time caring, teaching, and loving other human beings.

You are inspiring your own children. You are inspiring them to LEARN, to PROGRESS, to GIVE BACK, and to BECOME EVERYTHING that they want to be some day.

Your children have a mom who wakes up every morning to go love people and give them one of the greatest gifts – education.

So YOU GO ON! Go TEACH YOUR HEART OUT! And when you come home, LOVE YOUR BABIES with everything you have in you.

You are blessed woman! You are empowered! You are empowering!

Much Love to ALL of the Teacher Moms out there!

– Dallas @ Caffeine and Kindergarten

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